Best Of 2019

Best Used Movie Retailer: CD/Game Exchange

Though they haven’t reinvented the wheel, the Corryville location of CD/Game Exchange gets extra credit for how they run their movie, music and video game resale shop. The employees put together themed staff picks that are not only timely, but also well curated and indicative of well-informed film buffs with a passion for the medium. There’s no better selection in town for the price, especially for fans of horror and kung-fu films. There are dollar DVD bins filled to the brim with movies that star Will Smith and Natalie Portman, among other A-listers who have frankly made too many films, but also quite a hefty pick of the Criterion Collection and TV series and anything else that might strike your interest. Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations — that seems to be something the staff loves to provide. CD/Game Exchange, 2601 Vine St., Corryville, 513-281-2006, searchable on Facebook.