Best Of 2019

Best Vinyl Relocation: Torn Light Records

In February, Torn Light Records moved their storefront from Bellevue, Kentucky across the river into Clifton — expanding from 625 square feet to 2,000 square feet (plus another 1,000 for storage). Helmed by Alex York and Dan Buckley, the vinyl haven boasts an eccentric collection. You can find the classics — be it The Velvet Underground, John Coltrane or Beastie Boys — but it’s their stock of oddities that sets Torn Light apart. Midwestern 1990s Emo? They’ve got it. Droning Shoegaze? Check. Need some Black Metal to lighten your day? Yep. Ya like Jazz? You’re in luck. Since their opening, they’ve served as the prime spot for experimental fare and smaller labels that aren’t carried elsewhere. Make sure to peruse their ’zine collection as well. With added space, they’ve also added a movie zone and made room for more CDs. Torn Light Records, 356 Ludlow Ave., Clifton,