Best Of 2019

Best Microcosm of the Controversy Over Native American Mascots: Talawanda Schools and Anderson High School

Thanks in large part to the Cleveland Indians baseball team’s “Chief Wahoo” logo, Ohio has forever been a part of the controversy over Native American sports mascots. And as the culture has gradually shifted away from using mascots some find offensive and racist, high schools have increasingly been dealing with the issue, particularly in Ohio, which reportedly has more high schools with Native American mascots than any other state in the country. Early last year, Cleveland announced it would remove the Chief Wahoo logo from uniforms beginning with the 2019 season and last fall, the Talawanda Schools board in Oxford, Ohio narrowly voted to change its mascot name from the Braves to Brave (Oxford’s Miami University switched from the Miami Redskins to the RedHawks in the mid-’90s). Meanwhile, after a lengthy and contentious meeting over the summer, Cincinnati’s Anderson High School decided that, at least for now, it would keep its “Redskin” name and mascot; in fact, the official Twitter account for the high school remains @AndersonRedskin.