Best Of 2020

Best Case for DIY Being Alive and Well: Zinecinnati

Zines have long been a symbol of underground movements and niche subcultures. A form of independent self-publishing, their contents are as limitless as one’s imagination. The zine — as we know it — first came to be in the 1930s, when science fiction fans began sharing their own stories. Then there was the 1970s Punk scene. And then the 1990s Riot Grrrl era. Post-internet, the DIY ethos central to each subculture is still alive and well. That sentiment can be evidenced through the Zinecinnati festival, which held its inaugural event at The Mockbee in the summer of 2019. Bellevue, Kentucky-based duo Tom and Lauren Boeing founded the group after noticing that, while the Queen City was home to both a comic expo and an art book fair, there wasn’t an event solely dedicated to these self-published wonders. But it seems they’re not limiting themselves to just one event. In January, they co-launched “Zine club” with Covington’s Pique gallery. Long live the zine! Zinecinnati,