Best Of 2020

Best Death of a Coaster: Kings Island’s Vortex

Kings Island’s Vortex coaster was put to rest after its 33rd year in operation. After 46 million rides, it reached the end of its service life on Halloween Haunt’s closing night, Oct. 27, 2019. Saying goodbye is hard to do, but the blow was made easier with the promise of a new thrill ride, Orion. With a 300-foot drop, it will be only one of seven “Giga” coasters in the world. With a 5.321-foot track, Orion will reach speeds of 91 miles per hour — making it the theme park’s fastest, tallest and longest steel coaster. That makes its similar to its predecessor; upon its 1987 unveiling, the Vortex opened as the tallest full-circuit roller coaster with the highest drop in the world and the first with six inversions. Running with their new “Area 72” theme, thrill-seekers can soon get their chance to test Orion when it opens in spring 2020. Kings Island, 6300 Kings Island Drive, Mason,