Best Of 2020

Best Elevator Reveal: Pam Kravetz's "Elevate"

Artwork by Pam Kravetz

The whimsical work of Pam Kravetz has taken over seven floors of the 21c Museum Hotel as part of their Elevate series, where temporary exhibitions showcasing local artists are displayed on guest floor wings. Contained in glass boxes — which greet guests as they exit the elevator at every floor — Kravetz’s art is joy incarnate. From a hot pink primate chilling on swing suspended from the ceiling to “Pamachu,” a Pokémon-esque creature rendered in her likeness, her pieces exude color and playfulness. Though the works combine different mediums — and are pulled from her past shows/projects — a narrative thread runs through each. In Kravetz’s own words: “There’s heartache behind (the art) and there’s trying to figure out who you are and self-awareness and not being comfortable with who you are — which a lot of my work has been about — and then embracing the person you become.” You still have plenty of time to arrange a staycation or arrange to see the exhibition: Having opened in January, Kravetz’s work will be on display for nine months. You can also stop by the front desk to arrange access to the vitrines on guest room floors. 21c Museum Hotel Cincinnati, 609 Walnut St., Downtown,