Best Of 2020

Best Innovation of Paints: Curtis Davis

Curtis Davis

Curtis Davis’ sculptures are staggering heaps of color — monochrome stacks of logs, rocks and found scrap material caked in layers of paint until they become a single object. Though he’s also known for his cartoon-like sketches and candelabras made from rocks, it’s Davis’ painted assemblages that have garnered him the most recognition. Last summer, New York City’s White Columns gallery exhibited six of these works, from a pea-green pile of foliage to a powder-blue tower of cinder blocks and wooden planks. Johanna Fateman even wrote a short review of the show in The New Yorker’s “Goings On About Town,” saying the “breadbox-size constructions coated in thick layers of acrylic paint, as if dipped in cookie icing, have a curiously magnetic presence.” Davis produces much of his work at Northside’s Visionaries + Voices studio — a nonprofit that gives artists with disabilities the platform to pursue and distribute their artistic endeavors. Visionaries + Voices, 3841 Spring Grove Ave., Northside,