Best Of 2020

Best Punctuation on a Cincinnati Mural: “Cincinnati Is Beautiful.”

To celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2019, the nonprofit Keep Cincinnati Beautiful created a simple yet visually bold mural along a neglected 3,000-square-foot wall in Camp Washington, just off Martin Luther King Drive near its overpass with Central Parkway. Along the length of the once-dismal-looking, graffiti-prone wall, the organization’s volunteers painted “Cincinnati Is Beautiful” in brilliantly colorful block letters that have a 3D effect. And then they ended it with a touch of finality by adding a dreamy sky-blue period, thus turning an isolated phrase into a fiercely proud sentence. Subject, verb, object . . . it’s proper English. Keep Cincinnati Beautiful uses public murals and other art as a “catalyst for reducing blight, crime and illegal graffiti. Eyesores in a community — things like vacant buildings, tagged retaining walls and rusty chain link fences — are turned into community assets by using the neglected space to create simple, low cost works of art,” says Claire Bryson, arts program co-director, via email. In this instance, the art program also teaches good English. Keep Cincinnati Beautiful,