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Best Reason Not to Throw Away Your Shot: "Hamilton"

The touring cast of "Hamilton"

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s mega-Broadway-hit Hamilton: An American Musical follows the titular “young, scrappy and hungry” Alexander Hamilton, one of America’s founding fathers. Blending together Rap, R&B, Gospel and Broadway-style tunes, to say the work was a success is an understatement. According to The New York Times, Hamilton cost $12.5 million to produce originally, which was recouped quickly. In late December 2018, it grossed $4.04 million in one week, the first time a Broadway production has ever generated that much revenue. As such, Hamilton has also been known for its expensive — and hard to come across — tickets. Unsurprisingly, when the touring production came to the Aronoff Center in February and March 2019 as part of Broadway in Cincinnati, seats sold out fast. CityBeat’s theater critic Rick Pender called the touring show “no modest knock-off” of the original, writing the talent was “top-notch” and that the production values “were on-par with the show’s New York staging.” Luckily for Cincinnatians, Hamilton will return in March 2021. Don’t throw away your shot. Broadway in Cincinnati, Aronoff Center for the Arts, 650 Walnut St., Downtown,