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Best Troupe of Longbois to Call Cincy Home: Long Furbs

Long Furbs at Lost & Found

You’re likely familiar with Furbies, owl-like robotic toys that were a hit in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Now, meet Cincinnati-native Bobby Diddle, the mother of “Long Furbs,” creatures not entirely unlike their squat predecessor; picture a Furby with an elongated snake-like body (or, in some cases, a donut-shaped figure) and you’re in the ballpark of what these delightfully weird creatures look like. An amalgamation of ’90s nostalgia and modern fabric art, their Instagram page (@longfurbs) has amassed nearly 26,000 followers (at the time of publication). You can follow their hijinks as they hang out in popular dives throughout Greater Cincinnati: Washington Park, Tokyo Kitty, Lost & Found, Jungle Jim’s and more. In 2019, Diddle told CityBeat that the Long Furbs have given her an outlet “to constantly create something new” and that she never expected her work to become so popular. But it appears their fame is only growing. Alongside a rising social media following, Diddle hosts occasional meet-ups and fans can buy merch (or, if one goes up for sale, their own Long Furb) to show their love. Long Furbs,