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Best Boujee Way to Eat 24K Gold: The Bold Face Dairy Bar

Best Boujee Way to Eat 24K Gold

With a mission “to continue sweetening life in urban Cincinnati” the Harkins and Grear families opened The Bold Face Dairy Bar, a whippy-dip-style walk-up window in East Price Hill in 2018. Their extra rich and extra velvety creamy whip includes elevated and epicurean flavors ranging from chai tea and pistachio to cardamom, coffee and bourbon barrel stout. But their crowd favorite, The Bold Face Cone, demands all the attention. Served in a waffle cone lined with caramel syrup, this decadent treat is filled halfway with creamy whip, loaded with a pocket of chocolate sauce, topped with more creamy whip and then adorned with chocolate sprinkles, mini chocolate chips and a real 24K gold leaf — that’s right, you can have your gold and eat it, too (for only $12). For a down-to-earth neighborhood treat, Bold Face also has soft serve, orange soda and root beer floats, shakes and malts, gourmet ice pops, smoothies and flurries. There’s even a “baby” cone for only $1. The Bold Face Dairy Bar, 801 Mount Hope Ave., East Price Hill,