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Best Fish Katsu: Izen’s Drunken Bento

Best Fish Katsu

Izen’s Drunken Bento is a tiny shotgun-style izakaya offering exquisite sushi and surprisingly affordable Korean in Clifton Heights. Students from the nearby University of Cincinnati love it for its stuffed special rolls (the triple tuna roll is filled with spicy tuna and cucumber then topped with avocado, more tuna, even more super white tuna, spicy crab, masago and eel sauce), cheap alcohol and late hours (they’re open until at least 1 a.m. most nights). You can also draw on this wall of exposed two-by-fours that are filled with scribbled graffiti about “hearting” people. Among the pan-Asian selections are three different katsu entrées — crunchy and breaded chicken, pork and fish. The fish is where it’s at. Red snapper is tempura battered and deep fried and served with a house salad topped with that ginger dressing made famous by Benihana. If you want to try the other two proteins, come during lunch for a bento box special. Izen’s Drunken Bento, 212 W. McMillan St., Clifton Heights, 513-381-5905, searchable on Facebook.