Best Of 2020

Best Flower Shop on Wheels
Taylor Speed

Daisy Jane’s Flower Truck is easy to spot with its bright red exterior and custom-made white canopy, which covers baskets filled to the brim with bouquet-ready flowers, each accompanied by a sign that lists its name, price and background story. Having a bad day? There’s a flower for that. Owner and founder Megan Moore is readily available near her truck — which can be found rolling around Greater Cincinnati on any given day and popping up at various art fairs and events — to answer questions, chat with customers and arrange flowers into vibrant, colorful bouquets. You can even customize your own bouquet and write a personalized note with Moore’s vintage typewriter. As Moore explains, daisies symbolize new beginnings and the name Jane means “God is gracious,” from ancient Greek and Hebrew. If you want flowers to come to you instead of you finding the truck, bouquets start at $35 (greenery starts at $25) and can be delivered Monday through Friday (for a fee). You can also book the truck for events or for your own DIY florals — grab your bridal party and get together to build your own bouquets. Daisy Jane’s Flower Truck,

Acupuncture Practice
Taylor Speed

1. Caldwell Family Wellness

2. Tiny Needle Community Acupuncture

3. Hamilton Health Associates

Adult Toy Store
Taylor Speed

1. Hustler Hollywood

2. Dusty Flynt Sexy Gifts

3. High on the Hill

Antique Store
Taylor Speed

1. Ohio Valley Antique Mall

2. Florence Antique Mall

3. Wooden Nickel Antiques

Taylor Speed

1. Sotto

2. The Eagle

3. Incline Public House

Arts & Crafts Classes
Taylor Speed

1. Cincinnati Art Museum

2. Clifton Cultural Arts Center

3. Brazee Street Studios

Arts & Crafts Supplies
Taylor Speed

1. Indigo Hippo

2. Michaels

3. Cappel’s

Auto Dealer (New Vehicles)
Taylor Speed

1. Jake Sweeney Automotive

2. Beechmont Subaru

3. Walt Sweeney Ford

Auto Dealer (Used Vehicles)
Taylor Speed

1. Jake Sweeney Automotive

2. Courtesy Automotive

3. Joseph Toyota of Cincinnati

Auto Detailer
Taylor Speed

1. Jake Sweeney Automotive

2. CarZmedics

3. Carriage House Car Wash

Auto Repair Service
Taylor Speed

1. Donovan’s Auto & Tire Center

2. Tire Discounters

3. AAA | Bob Sumerel Tire and Service