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Best Four Seasons Pizza: Betta’s Italian Oven

Best Four Seasons Pizza

Will de Luca has operated Betta’s Italian Oven near Xavier University since 2003. The casual, family-run trattoria is named after his mother, Betta, who immigrated from Italy with his father. The duo had separately worked in their own family’s restaurants in their home country and brought that love of food and cherished recipes with them. Betta’s was one of the first in the area to offer wood-fired, Neapolitan-style pizzas, with that asymmetrical shape and charred, delicious crust. The restaurant makes their dough and sauces (and salad dressing) fresh every day to create what can only be considered authentic Italian cuisine. You can build your own but Betta’s also offers its own creations, including a pizza margherita, pizza diavolo (spicy sauce!) and the quattro stagioni. Italian for four seasons, the pizza is divided into quarters and each section is topped with a different collection of goodies. There is fresh, handmade mozzarella in one quarter, kalamata olives in another, prosciutto in another and fresh tomatoes, olive oil and fresh basil in the last. You should also check out the deli case when you walk in to see daily gourmet salads, available by the pound. If you see marinated artichokes, get them. Also, you can’t argue with the $12 price tag on their full carafe of house white wine. Betta’s Italian Oven, 3764 Montgomery Road, Norwood,