Best Of 2020

Best Frankenstein Food Creation: Northside Yacht Club

Best Frankenstein Food Creation

This past Halloween, the Northside Yacht Club transformed into SkyRosa’s, “Cincinnati’s No. 1 Chizzaria.” And for one night only, the gastropub served a disgustingly delicious blend of Cincinnati’s favorite regional delicacies: Skyline-style chili and LaRosa’s pizza. It’s like both local chains swiped right on Tinder and had a slew of very saucy love children ranging from a cheese coney wrapped in a slice of pizza to fries topped with chili on one side and marinara, cheese and pepperoni on the other to smoked wings with a parmesan marinara or chili cheese sauce. The bar even offered vegetarian options for all menu items so hot dog and pepperoni haters wouldn’t be left out of experiencing this unique form of Queen City indigestion for themselves. Northside Yacht Club, 4231 Spring Grove Ave., Northside,