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Best Giant Fried Cheese Tube: Staff Pick

Best Giant Fried Cheese Tube

Opened downtown this past summer, Mazunte Centro is inspired by the vibrancy of Mexico City as interpreted on a Cincinnati schedule: out-the-door-tacos for those on their lunch break and lingering evenings sipping tequila are both served with the same warm hospitality. You can still find the classics of the flagship Madisonville Mazunte — tacos and tostadas, tequila and Topo Chico — in addition to exclusives like tortas, tlayudas (a love child between a Mexican pizza and a giant loaded nacho) and the impressive chicharron de queso. Literally translated to “cheese cracklings,” it’s a disc of shredded cheese wrapped around a wine bottle and fried. Don’t be alarmed when a foot-tall cheese tube arrives at your table; be amazed. It’s an excellent two-for-one deal — snap some off and dip it in salsa roja or salsa verde (both if you’re bold) or crumble it over the tlayuda for an added crunch factor. Mazunte Centro, 611 Main St., Downtown,