Best Of 2020

Best Kitchen Pop-Up Offering Up-and-Coming Chefs a “Pot to Piss In”
Taylor Speed

Chef and restaurateur Daniel Wright (Senate, Abigail Street, Pontiac) opened up the kitchen at his Over-the-Rhine Middle Eastern street food spot Forty Thieves this fall to aspiring chefs, cooks and bakers. Once a week — on Sundays — he welcomed in the new talent as part of a residency program so they could hone their craft while serving their food to his customers (and theirs). According to a Facebook post announcing the event series, Wright said that all residents would receive 100 percent of their profits made from the pop-ups; the only thing Forty Thieves asked is that they treat the kitchen as if it was their own. “A handful of people believed in us when we were getting started and didn’t have a pot to piss in, and we want to help a new generation get to where they’re going,” Wright wrote in the post. Past residents have included Pata Roja Taqueria, Bigee Talls and Han.Thee.Chef. Forty Thieves/Holiday Spirits, 1538 Race St., Over-the-Rhine,

Acupuncture Practice
Taylor Speed

1. Caldwell Family Wellness

2. Tiny Needle Community Acupuncture

3. Hamilton Health Associates

Adult Toy Store
Taylor Speed

1. Hustler Hollywood

2. Dusty Flynt Sexy Gifts

3. High on the Hill

Antique Store
Taylor Speed

1. Ohio Valley Antique Mall

2. Florence Antique Mall

3. Wooden Nickel Antiques

Taylor Speed

1. Sotto

2. The Eagle

3. Incline Public House

Arts & Crafts Classes
Taylor Speed

1. Cincinnati Art Museum

2. Clifton Cultural Arts Center

3. Brazee Street Studios

Arts & Crafts Supplies
Taylor Speed

1. Indigo Hippo

2. Michaels

3. Cappel’s

Auto Dealer (New Vehicles)
Taylor Speed

1. Jake Sweeney Automotive

2. Beechmont Subaru

3. Walt Sweeney Ford

Auto Dealer (Used Vehicles)
Taylor Speed

1. Jake Sweeney Automotive

2. Courtesy Automotive

3. Joseph Toyota of Cincinnati

Auto Detailer
Taylor Speed

1. Jake Sweeney Automotive

2. CarZmedics

3. Carriage House Car Wash

Auto Repair Service
Taylor Speed

1. Donovan’s Auto & Tire Center

2. Tire Discounters

3. AAA | Bob Sumerel Tire and Service