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Best Low-Budget Local TV Commercials: Staff Pick

Best Low-Budget Local TV Commercials

Locally made TV commercials created on a shoestring budget are usually unintentionally funny, whether it’s the cheap production values or the clumsy attempts to feature business owners whose sparkling personality doesn’t really come across on the small screen. But Greater Cincinnati’s Jolly Plumbing proves that you don’t need to drop a ton of money to make impactful TV ads. You just have to be legitimately funny. Many of the 40-year-old company’s spots over the past couple of years have been guffaw-worthy (by design), including ads featuring a brutally honest plumber destroying his coworkers with deadpan quips, as well as the “People You Can’t Trust” spots that feature villains like the person who hates dogs, the person who doesn’t say “Bless you” when someone sneezes and the person who orders steak “well, well done.” (As you may have guessed, Jolly Plumbing plumbers are people you can trust.) In early 2020, Jolly unveiled its latest spot — a spoof of those gauzy, pretentious TV ads for perfume featuring a plumber slow-motion twirling in the sun in the name of the designer fragrance “Poope.” It’s good, sometimes-not-so-clean fun that occasionally rivals Saturday Night Live in the laughs-per-second department. Jolly Plumbing,