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Best Lunch Delivery on Two Wheels: 53T Courier

Best Lunch Delivery on Two Wheels

If you are a busy person who also likes to eat and cannot leave your office for whatever reason to procure lunch, the humans at 53T Courier will bring it to you because they are the best. They have been delivering lunch (and dinner) to downtowners (and CityBeaters) via bicycle in the rain, sleet, snow and heat since 2014. Pronounced “fifty-three tee” — for the number of teeth on a road bike’s chain ring — the company, founded by Ian Bulling and Dave Adams, is rider-owned and operated and “comprised of experienced, dedicated cyclists who love what they do.” Monday through Saturday, these be-spoked saviors will drop off food from an ever-growing list of local restaurants throughout downtown, Over-the-Rhine and Northern Kentucky, like Cheapside Café, Pho Lang Thang and The Baker’s Table. They also perform other assorted bike messenger services like delivering parcels, papers and etc. The restaurant selection may be greater through food delivery conglomerates but those mega-fleets don’t have Ian — or his giant backpack — hand delivering your lunch to you at your desk, still hot and intact, while you’re trying to make a deadline. It is only a slight exaggeration to say some of us here might starve without him and 53T. 53T Courier,