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Best No-Frills 3-Way: Staff Pick

Best No-Frills 3-Way

Diners and chili parlors are not necessarily synonymous with terms like “fancy” or “black-tie” and Fort Wright Family Restaurant is truly a laid-back, zero-frills, huge-portions hole in the wall. On their menu it says in quotes, “A lot for a little,” and the friendly staff really delivers on that promise with bigger-than-your head omelets and massive double deckers with plenty of American cheese and goetta throughout. But, like many diners in Cincinnati, this greasy spoon leans Greek with its gyros, classical wall mural and chili iterations. There are coneys, chili cheese sandwiches and all the numbered ways. If you are looking for a new place to try a 3-way, try here. Their chili leans more diner than Skyline or Gold Star, so think super homemade with finely ground beef and thick shreds of cheddar. This place is generally packed with longtime regulars and happy seniors, so they must be doing something right. Fort Wright Family Restaurant, 1860 Ashwood Circle, Fort Mitchell, 859-331-8359.