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Best Non-Binary Haircuts: Parlour

Best Non-Binary Haircuts

From short crops and easy shags to contemporary dye jobs and the sweetest of kids’ cuts, Parlour has been working hair magic on people of all ages and genders from a cool corner of East Walnut Hills since 2012. Most salons organize their services (and prices) by male or female, but the folks at Parlour must have realized who haircuts are really for: people who have hair and occasionally pay to have said hair snipped and styled by a professional. So, most everyone. In the name of gender neutrality, they recently ditched the labels and announced new names for a few of their services — there’s not a “men’s” or “women’s” cut to be found anywhere on their list of offerings. Need a short barber cut that doesn’t require a full blowout and styling? That’s a clipper cut. Looking for a full wash and blow-dry for your longer hair? That’s a haircut and blow-dry. Simple, straightforward and always chic, every service at Parlour also comes with a complimentary cocktail (or water, coffee or tea). Parlour, 2600 Woodburn Ave., East Walnut Hills,