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Best Reason to Pop a Bottle: Hart & Cru

Best Reason to Pop a Bottle

A seasoned sommelier and “decorated student of the vine,” Kevin Hart founded Hart & Cru in 2015 after years of earning his chops in the restaurant world, notably serving as the beverage director for Boca Restaurant Group and acting as a driving force behind local importing wine distributor wineCRAFT. Now, Hart and his “cru” — a dedicated web of well-versed Cincinnati-area wine aficionados — are committed to wine education and appreciation through artisanal tastings, classes, cellar offerings, special events and drinking the best damn grape juice the world has to offer. Swirling a fresh glass of wine from airy taprooms and the most intimate of restaurant booths is a pleasure in its own right, but Hart & Cru’s Wine Club allows for the freedom of sipping a primo bottle in friends’ living rooms, on the back porch and straight off the kitchen counter while dinner simmers on the stove (or arrives at the door in a to-go container). With multiple subscription levels to choose from, avid vino enthusiasts can get their monthly fix in the form of four bottles, compete with tasting notes and information on grapes, regions and producers. Hart & Cru,