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Best Too-Pretty-to-Eat Donuts: Starlight Doughnut Lab’s

Best Too-Pretty-to-Eat Donuts

Last year, Ben Greiwe, an employee at Nine Giant Brewing, manifested his idea for over-the-top donuts. He first started selling them to the public at Nine Giant’s New Year’s Eve party and, after positive feedback, began offering them weekly at the brewery. Over the past year, Starlight Doughnut Lab’s confections became so popular Greiwe started selling them at Pleasant Ridge’s Apricot Coffee House and made them for CityBeat’s annual Sugar Rush event. His unusual flavor combinations include Blueberry Pie (a blueberry-cinnamon donut topped with blueberry glaze and streusel topping), Galaxy Dreamcicle (an orange-vanilla donut topped with an orange and vanilla “galaxy” glaze) and Spicy Boozy Mango (a mango and cayenne pepper donut topped with mango glaze, toasted coconut and a spicy rum buttercream). And his treats are made a little differently than your average donut. Starlight uses mashed potatoes in their dough which “boosts moisture, sweetness, flavor and adds a crispy outside layer thanks to the potato’s natural sugars caramelizing in the fryer,” says Greiwe. Recently, Greiwe announced his beautiful baked goods will be available in one place by the end of the year: He’s planning to open a Starlight Doughnut Lab storefront in Norwood. Starlight Doughnut Lab,