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Best Use of Spent Grain in a Brewery: HighGrain Brewing

Best Use of Spent Grain in a Brewery

We’ve all seen the spent-grain dog biscuits offered up at Cincinnati breweries, made from the grains used to brew beer (see: Brewhaus Dog Bones). But after secretly eating them ourselves, we knew someone in town needed to make a people-palate-friendly version. The kitchen at HighGrain Brewing — an eco-friendly taproom and brewery housed in Silverton’s former 1950s Memorial Municipal Building — has done so with utter brilliance, serving their version of a human biscuit with avocado, Southern gravy, hamburgers and even jerked chicken. Luckily, the brewery produces excellent beer to wash it all down, too. Brews focus on Old World styles with a modern twist and taps run the gamut from American sours and Lithuanian farmhouse ales to IPAs. And with a focus on sustainability (like using their spent grain in the kitchen), HighGrain has retrofitted their building with geothermal HVAC, a wind-powered electricity supply and LED lighting; they even produce a carbon-neutral Norwegian table ale. HighGrain Brewing, 6860 Plainfield Road, Silverton,