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Best Used Art Supply Store for Last-Minute Projects: Indigo Hippo

Best Used Art Supply Store for Last-Minute Projects

Artists of all sorts can be caught in Over-the-Rhine with an idea and no supplies to actualize their project. Enter Indigo Hippo and you’re almost certain to find exactly what you need and then some. Inside you’ll find drawing tools like pens, colored pencils and markers. Need a notebook? They have stacks of them, maybe even containing some of the original owner’s notes. There’s stuff for collages, painters, poets, sculptors and more — you’ve just got to sift through their eclectic inventory that’s priced to move. This is why a shop like Indigo Hippo is such an incredibly important resource; not only do they sell a ton of different stuff, but they also have flexible price points that give a suggested minimum, which essentially allows you to pay what you can. Want to donate your used art supplies? It might be a good idea to call ahead if you have large items, but you’re likely to leave with more than what you came with since everything in there is real dang cool. Indigo Hippo, 1334 Main St., Over-the-Rhine,