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Best Vegetarian Barbecue: Staff Pick

Best Vegetarian Barbecue

Pendleton’s Lucius Q barbecue joint is undeniably known for its slow-smoked meat-laden dishes, from the pulled pork and brisket to the St. Louis-style ribs. With the majority of their meats, sans chicken wings, provided by local butcher shop Avril-Bleh, this laid-back joint is a carnivore’s paradise. But vegetarians aren’t an afterthought here, and dinner isn’t just relegated to an amalgamation of sides. Lucius has a special “veggie Q,” made with trumpet mushrooms, cabbage and onions, doused in their signature Kansas City sweet and smoky sauce. This faux veggie pork is sure to satisfy omnivores with a craving for some finger-licking barbecue and comes by the pound (with pickles, onions and white bread) or quarter pound, in a breakfast burrito or on a breakfast sandwich during brunch. If you do want sides, vegetarians have options there as well in the queso corn, grits and mac and cheese. Lucius Q, 1131 Broadway St., Pendleton,