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Best Vegetarian Ramen: Zundo Ramen & Donburi

Best Vegetarian Ramen

Zundo Ramen & Donburi may be known for its signature creamy pork-infused tonkotsu ramen, but their meat-free take hits the spot all the same. Made with steamy vegetable broth, lotus root and green onion, this dish is best slurped by kicking the spice level up a notch. (Fun fact: Zundo has a machine dedicated solely to chopping green onions because they go through so many.) Owner/chef Han Lin, who also runs Mei Japanese Restaurant in Montgomery, has the goal of balancing authenticity and modernity in the dish, specifically authentic eating techniques. Lin told CityBeat before the restaurant opened, “The thing with the United States is when people eat ramen, they eat it slowly. It’s weird to watch. When I eat ramen, it’s like a two-minute or three-minute finish. I eat it while it’s hot. When it gets cold, the noodles soak in too much and it’s not good.” See if you can tackle the fast food the same way: Mix all the ingredients floating in the deep bowl together and slurp. Adjacent to Washington Park, it’s the perfect cozy dinner or lunch spot before hitting the town. They also offer more than 35 types of filtered and non-filtered sake (including sake bombs). Zundo Ramen & Donburi, 220 W. 12th St., Over-the-Rhine,