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Best Way to Consume Cookie Dough Without Getting Salmonella: Staff Pick

Best Way to Consume Cookie Dough Without Getting Salmonella

Nick Ganim’s family owns three local ice cream parlors: Mt. Washington Creamy Whip, Old Milford Parlor and, the most recent in the portfolio, Pendleton Parlor. Visitors can order from a diverse menu of creamy whip flavors ranging from strawberry to espresso, but soft serve isn’t the only choice to fill your cup or cone. More adventurous customers can opt for edible cookie dough by the scoop or choose to blend the batter into a shake or sundae. This dough isn’t full of raw eggs, so it’s safe to eat. The core flavors are chocolate chip, sugar cookie with sprinkles, oatmeal chocolate chip and cake batter, available literally to eat as a scoop in a cup, in a milkshake, sundae or affogato (with espresso), or as a best-selling side-by-side with ice cream. They also offer rotating dough flavors of the month ranging from Oreo cream cheese to strawberry shortcake and pumpkin pie. If you can’t pick, get four of them in a flight. Pendleton Parlor, 1218 Broadway St., Pendleton,