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Best Way to Reupholster a Thrifted Find: Helltown Workshop

Best Way to Reupholster a Thrifted Find

The term “good bones” generally refers to a structurally well-made home that has the potential to be great after some decorative upgrades and renovations. The same concept applies to thrifted and antique furniture finds. If you snag a Midcentury Modern couch, Victorian settee or knock-off Eames lounger for a nice price but the fabric screams Brady Bunch baby vomit or has been used as a scratching post by an overly zealous cat, Helen Smith and her Helltown Workshop can help refurbish your treasure into a covetable piece of home décor. The reupholstery shop — whose moniker is taken from an old nickname for the Northside neighborhood, where the shop is located — specializes in vintage-style projects, using both subdued fabrics and wacky ones. And while she does work for plenty of individual clients, Smith has also done large-scale upholstery projects for the likes of Memorial Hall, Branch, HangOverEasy and even made props for the Netflix film Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. Pricing is incredibly affordable, especially considering you don’t have to figure out how to wrangle a channel-back sofa or tufted ottoman yourself. Just request a quote online. Helltown Workshop, 4178 Hamilton Ave., Northside,