Best Of 2020

Best Fight About a Music Venue: Music venue at The Banks

For a while, it looked like if we wanted a music venue at riverfront development The Banks, we were going to have to provide replacement parking for the Cincinnati Bengals. To do that, the city would need to move a building supplies company called Hilltop Basic Services to a location in Lower Price Hill. To do that, another company leasing city land would need to move. And on and on. Did you get all that? The complicated deal was shaky from the start — Mayor John Cranley opposed the whole thing and wanted the music venue at a different part of The Banks entirely, while Hamilton County officials were set on the spot in question. Alas, eventually a deal emerged that didn’t necessitate all the geographic musical chairs and the 4,500-person capacity Andrew J. Brady ICON Music Center will open on land between Smale Riverfront Park and The Banks in fall 2020. But there are continuing repercussions from the wrangling: Cincinnati City Council member Tamaya Dennard has been accused of soliciting money from Hamilton County attorney Tom Gabelman in exchange for votes advantageous to the complicated land swap. She faces federal charges over those allegations and stepped down from her council position in March 2020.