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Best Guide to Cincinnati’s Weird, Wild Past: Cincinnati Curiosities

Want to know the grim secret about why Burnet Woods is so dang haunted? Need all the juicy details about Mark Twain’s feud with The Cincinnati Enquirer? Where was Cincinnati’s first tattoo parlor? What kind of things happened last century in the city’s seedier corners and dens of ill-repute? Greg Hand has all the answers about the Queen City’s strange, uncanny and sometimes hilarious history. The retired University of Cincinnati communications director is a non-stop font of what he calls Cincinnati Curiosities — the name of his blog and the column in Cincinnati Magazine adapted from it. Did you know that young people used to flock to Cincy to elope? Hand can tell you why. What went on in local opium dens back in the day? Hand has the deets. If you’ve ever wondered why the city is the way it is — or you’re just eager for some century-old gossip — there’s a place to satisfy your curiosity. Cincinnati Curiosities,