Best Of 2020

Best Move by a Local Legislator: Eliminating state sales taxes on feminine hygiene products

If you were tired of paying (or watching women pay) the so-called “pink tax” on products related to feminine hygiene, 2019 brought you some good news. The bill to eliminate state sales taxes on feminine hygiene products introduced by Cincinnati’s State Rep. Brigid Kelly passed the Ohio General Assembly and got Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine’s signature last year. Being able to forego that tax on things like tampons and other items could save women more than $600 over the course of their lives, supporters of the bill estimated. A legislative analysis of the bill found that women spend roughly $78 million on such hygiene products every year. Ten other states have eliminated taxes on items like tampons, including Connecticut, Illinois, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.