Best Of 2020

Best Renaming of a College: UC's College of Arts and Sciences

Charles McMicken owned land that he willed to the city in the 1850s so it could create what would become the University of Cincinnati. He also owned people as slaves and stipulated that the land he deeded should be used for a school for “white boys and girls.” Somehow it took until 2020 — after UC celebrated the 200th anniversary of its origins as the Medical College of Ohio — to decide to strip McMicken’s name from the university’s College of Arts and Sciences. Lest someone protest that we need historical reminders of the slaveowner’s link to the school, UC’s McMicken Hall will keep his name. The City of Cincinnati may someday take a step similar to UC’s — Cincinnati City Council member Jeff Pastor has suggested changing the name of McMicken Avenue in Over-the-Rhine and Fairview. We think that’s a righteous move. University of Cincinnati, 2600 Clifton Ave., Clifton,