Best Of 2020

Best Way to Find Out What’s in the Road: Bill Rinehart

Traditional media sometimes leaves important topics uncovered. That’s why we’re glad that in addition to his usual stellar traditional reporting you hear on local NPR affiliate WVXU (91.7), Bill Rinehart keeps us updated on the really important topics others are scared to cover. He is always there when we need him to identify what that thing is in the middle of the road. And if you thought you were alone in your rapt listening enjoyment of hearing Rinehart read — with his patented comic pause — the assorted things blocking Queen City highways and byways, you aren’t. In 2019, Rinehart took to the Cincinnati subreddit to do an AMA (ask me anything) where fans asked just how he knows if it’s a piece of metal, a recliner or a pot-bellied pig blocking the way. Spoiler: WVXU subscribes to a tracking website. And if you don’t follow Rinehart on Twitter, you’re missing out on the status of the Ohio River — including how many basketballs or sticks are floating in it — a steady stream of puns, references to The Office and Doctor Who and actual important news. He has the makings of an online legend. Get you a reporter who can do it all. Bill Rinehart, @BillGRinehart,