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Best Win for CityBeat: CityBeat boxes

Best Win for CityBeat

Last year, this very publication and a large private nonprofit charged with beautifying downtown got into something of a boxing match. In June, the Cincinnati Center City Development Corporation (3CDC) removed at least nine of CityBeat’s newspaper boxes near Cincinnati City Hall and other locations around downtown. 3CDC indicated it would remove the rest of the boxes in downtown and Over-the-Rhine over time. CityBeat, which has been distributing via those boxes on public right-of-way for a quarter century, pushed back, threatening legal action and receiving waves of support from loyal readers. Several city elected officials also stepped in to speak up for CityBeat. City of Cincinnati Solicitor Paula Boggs-Muething stressed that the city did not order the removal of the boxes and asked 3CDC to replace them. Before you knew it, the boxes were back.