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Best Charcuterie on a Cafeteria Tray: HomeMakers Bar

Best Charcuterie on a Cafeteria Tray

With the nostalgic flair of Atomic Age cocktail parties out in full force, Los Angeles transplants Julia Petiprin and Catherine Manabat opened HomeMakers Bar in summer 2019 to the glee of the inner retro enthusiasts and dance party fiends in all of us. Beverage variations spin contemporary twists on cocktail menus of the 1950s and ’60s and fall under “A Stiff Drink” or “Keep It Light:” sip on something strong or let the team introduce you to their favorite aperitifs and low-proof spirits. Their stellar spritzer hour and late night Disco parties are reason enough to pop into this playfully designed corner of East 13th Street, but HomeMakers’ bar snacks deserve accolades all their own, even earning a shoutout from The Wall Street Journal for their ham salad sandwiches, Hanky Pankys and dressed up salami roll ups. (If you know, you know.) Matched with a side of Ritz crackers, these grown-up versions of a kid’s cold cut paradise are served two ways: one with tarragon, lemon and garlic cream cheese and another with smoked paprika, cucumber and lime cream cheese. The Welcome Wagon charcuterie adds on manchego, drunken goat cheese and Urban Stead gouda with Sixteen Bricks bread, stone-ground mustard, garlic honey, pickles, spiced nuts and seasonal housemade jams — all nestled into their respective compartments of a cool, candy-colored cafeteria tray. Finger food of yesteryear, welcome to tomorrow. HomeMakers Bar, 39 E. 13th St., Over-the-Rhine,