Best Of 2020

Best Downtown Deli for a Take-Out Sandwich: Fred & Gari’s

For more than 30 years, Fred & Gari’s has been a bustling favorite of the downtown lunch crowd, with its ’80s-throwback neon sign, house-roasted meats, pizza and homemade dessert — the fresh cookies are to-die for and have been a staff favorite since we gave them a Best Of Cincinnati pick in 1999 (and if it’s your first visit, you may get a free one). The deli also specializes in a damn good soup-and-sandwich combo and the egg salad option is a nostalgic throwback, full of mayonnaise-y goodness and topped with lettuce, tomato and onion. While you wait for your sandwich to arrive in its Styrofoam container, enjoy the lighthearted banter between Fred, Gari and the slew of regulars. Fred & Gari’s, 629 Vine St., Downtown,