Best Of 2020

Best Hope for a Comeback: Ludlow Bromley Yacht Club

Oct. 2 marked a fateful day in the Northern Kentucky restaurant community: The Ludlow Bromley Yacht Club, a barge-turned-floating-restaurant anchored to the side of the Ohio River, was struck by a tow ship that, quite literally, sunk the business. A report from the U.S. Coast Guard later determined the worker tasked with operating the ship at the time fell asleep, causing the ship to strike the restaurant. The impact reportedly sunk part of the Yacht Club and caused the tow ship to drag another portion of the restaurant downriver. According to owners Steve and Andrea Gott, the restaurant was completely destroyed. In the wake of the closure, Steve Gott wrote in a Facebook post that the future of the Yacht Club remains “unclear,” but added “I will be back.” In the meantime, the Gotts have asked former patrons of the Yacht Club to drop by their other Ludlow eatery, Lagoon Saloon, located just across the road from where the floating restaurant went asunder last fall. Lagoon Saloon, 859 Elm St., Ludlow,