Best Of 2020

Best Mexican Eatery to Munch on Cow Tongue and Brains: La Mexicana

Newport’s La Mexicana is home to some of the city’s best tacos: tacos al pastor with deliciously marinated pork shoulder, barbacoa, carne asada, lengua (beef tongue), sesos (beef brains; they wash down perfectly with a cerveza) and you simply can’t go wrong with their shredded pollo tacos. For vegetarians, wide-ranging fillings include seasoned pumpkin flower, corn truffle, hongos, beans and queso fresco. On Tuesdays, the eatery offers $2 dine-in tacos and $3 Rhinegeists and Frida tequila shots. This inexpensive and authentic menu has been known to incite cravings after as little as one visit. Head back through the restaurant to the tienda where you can find an assortment of grocery items, baked goods and a butcher counter. La Mexicana Restaurante Cantina & Tienda, 642 Monmouth St., Newport, 859-261-6112, searchable on Facebook.