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Best Place for Pâté and a High Life: Longfellow

Best Place for Pâté and a High Life

Over-the-Rhine’s Longfellow is highly lauded for its smart cocktail service, incorporating atypical alcohols with interesting liqueurs and complex flavor profiles. For example, the always-on-menu Spruce Goose, with barrel-aged-gin, honey, lime and bitters, or the Shiso Painkiller, a green colored Tiki take with navy rum, shiso, pina, orange, coconut and nutmeg. They also have a ton of wine, cider, sake, beer and non-alcoholic options like Topo Chico. All of which are a fine complement to anything on the Longfellow food menu. Food in bars is fun — drink, eat, stay a while. The menu boasts plenty of sandwiches for when you need something slightly more substantial — dill pickle and cheese; casino egg salad; peanut butter, tahini and spicy honey with cherry jam; and a scrap sandwich with charcuterie slicer scraps and Dijon — plus chips, dip, cottage cheese with black pepper and even caviar. But a fun and fancy bar snack (OK, caviar is fancy, too) is the Longfellow Pâté. The chicken liver pâté is made with cognac and rosemary brown butter and served with saltines. It’s only $7, which means for a grand total of $10, you can tack on a $3 daily cheap tall can of beer. Selections rotate so it’s like a secret beer surprise. Or you can just get a Miller High Life, the champagne of beers, for that same $3. Longfellow, 1233 Clay St., Over-the-Rhine,