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Best Place to Live Out Your Candy Land Fantasies: Ruby’s Chocolates

Best Place to Live Out Your Candy Land Fantasies

After 10 years of crafting made-from-scratch treats in Hamilton, Ruby’s Chocolates expanded with a second sweet shop off of Oakley Square over the winter. One step into the store and you’re instantly transported into a wonderland of decadent treats, vibrant colors, cozy seating and even an upside-down “Candy Land”-like chandelier on the ceiling. Founder Melinda Mueller built her brand with the dream of making treats that are as scrumptious as they are beautiful, marking each of her handmade creations with a signature red dot. Visitors can enjoy a variety of favorites, including Ruby’s signature truffle cakes, which are similar to a cake pop and come in a range of flavors; “Joy Sticks,” which are pretzels enrobed in caramel, chocolate, peanut butter and other toppings; no-bake cookies; buckeyes; and a newer menu item dubbed “Phatty Cakes,” which are two petite cakes with a layer of icing in between. Ruby’s Chocolates, 3923 Isabella Ave., Oakley; 6741 Gilmore Road, Suite D, Hamilton,