Best Of 2020

Best Pork Chop Imaginable: Smoked pork katsu at The Littlefield

The smoked pork katsu at The Littlefield shines brightly as the star of chef Joe Stalf’s reimagined menu for this bourbon bar. He starts with premium pork from a small provider, Black Willow Farms, crusts a whole loin with a Japanese spice blend and smokes the meat for an hour or two. Next, he slices the loin into chops and, to order, breads each chop in panko breadcrumbs for frying. The chop is sliced and plated, sauced with tonkatsu (another Japanese touch) and a drizzle of kewpie mayo, and served with a sesame ginger coleslaw. Obviously, this isn’t something you can try at home, so you’d better head to one of Northside’s friendliest hangouts and hope the weather is warm enough to eat — and drink — on the patio. The Littlefield, 3934 Spring Grove Ave., Northside,