Best Of 2020

Best Reason to Unfollow the Twin Peaks Hashtag: Twin Peaks

There was simpler time when following #TwinPeaks on Instagram would yield content related strictly to the 1990s David Lynch series. Surreal, mysterious and downright weird, the iconic crime drama followed FBI Agent Dale Cooper as he traveled to a town in the Pacific Northwest — the show’s namesake — to investigate the murder of high schooler Laura Palmer. That steady stream of damn fine content was interrupted for our Arts & Culture Editor, Mackenzie Manley, when a sports bar also named Twin Peaks came to West Chester in November. According to a press release, it is “the ultimate sports lodge featuring made-from-scratch food, the coldest beer in the business, attractive servers and wall-to-wall TVs for sports from every angle.” Oddly, it’s geared specifically toward men and promises that “the second you step inside, you’re surrounded by a lodge full of friendly and attentive Twin Peaks Girls serving up scratch food and our signature 29° beers.” Think Hooters except, instead of white cropped tanks, the servers wear lumber jack-esque shirts tied at their busts. Here’s to a future where the Twin Peaks hashtag is no longer infiltrated by photos from a restaurant that asks its patrons to embrace the “Lodge Mantality.” Please make it go away.