Best Of 2020

Best Seafood Comfort Food: Pozole verde con mariscos

Mita’s is Jose Salazar’s Spanish restaurant with a menu of a hundred delights, from jicama and green mango salad to tapas of all descriptions — made with meat, seafood or veggies — to a loaded paella valenciana and so much more. But once you try the pozole verde con mariscos — a peerless take on Spanish stew, made with seafood instead of the traditional pork — you might become blind to all else. It’s that good: a savory, lightly spicy, silky green sauce holds corn hominy, shrimp, snapper and a few other sea creatures. In fact, there are about 20 ingredients in this pozole, topped off with chunks of avocado and sliced radishes, and served with a little dish of crisped corn tortillas. This unusual take on a Mexican or Spanish dish even caught the attention of Melissa Clark, a New York Times food writer, who ran a home-cooking version of Salazar’s recipe in the Times. But Jose’s is the real deal. Mita’s, 501 Race St., Downtown,