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Best Spot to Find — and Try — Tinned Fish: Mom ‘n ‘em

Best Spot to Find — and Try — Tinned Fish

Mom ‘n ‘em is a passion project several years in the making for the Ferrari brothers, Tony and Austin, and a tribute to their mom, Theresa. Located in a former 1890s home, Mom ‘n ‘em acts as a third place, with a diverse offering of wines and coffee, cheeses, cured meats, pastries from North South Baking, breakfast sandwiches and toasties. The anchovy toastie comes on thick slices of local Allez country loaf, generously swiped with homemade salsa verde, atop which rest silver strips of previously tinned anchovies, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and doused with a sprinkling of chili. There are eight other beautifully tinned fish varieties to try from places like Spain and Portugal, all served with caper berries, toasted bread and lemon. Mom ‘n ‘em also has a full liquor license with cocktails like a classic negroni and Manhattan, and a smart selection of beer in their cooler. They were recently named one of the best coffee shops in the country by Food & Wine magazine. And what goes better with coffee than fish? Mom ‘n ‘em, 3128 Colerain Ave., Camp Washington,