Best Of 2020

Best Square Pizza: Taglio

Taglio is the second pizza-focused restaurant “chain” from brothers Nick and Jared Wayne and their business partners (“chain” as in they have two locations: one in Columbia Tusculum and one in the former OTR Lachey’s); A Tavola was their first (also with two locations: one in OTR and one in Madeira). But unlike A Tavola, which uses family recipes to craft an Italian trattoria experience as well as Neapolitan/Roman-style pizzas via a wood-fired oven, Taglio keeps things a little closer to home. This pizzeria is known for its Detroit-style pizza. What is Detroit-style pizza, you ask? Some frozen Detroit-style pizza brand uses this helpful Eminem-referenced phrase on its box to explain it: instead of trailer park girls (like in the Detroit rapper’s song “Without Me”), cheese goes ‘round the outside. Of the crust. Before it’s baked. Taglio puts its housemade dough into deep-dish, rectangular pans and then places whole-milk mozzarella around the edges and on the top of the crust, under the sauce. The pizza is baked for longer than a normal pizza so the sides get all caramelized and crunchy. It’s awesome and it only comes in one size — 18 inches. You can create your own or select from one of Taglio’s signature pizzas. The pepperoni and hot honey is a good place to start if you’ve never tried a Detroit-style pie before. Dine in at one of the restaurants or download their app to order delivery. They also deliver alcohol. Taglio, 3531 Columbia Parkway, Columbia Tusculum; 56 E. 12th St., Over-the-Rhine,