Best Of 2020

Best Cincinnati Punk Rock History Lesson: "We Were Living in Cincinnati"

A compilation album put together by former local musician/club booker/DJ Peter Aaron offered a fascinating glimpse into the earliest days of Punk and “Alternative” music in Greater Cincinnati. It’s also an excellent document of how Midwestern outsiders absorbed and translated the new, odd and exciting music of the mid-’70s/early-’80s into their own language. We Were Living in Cincinnati was released via Chicago-based HoZac Records in conjunction with the locally based Shake It Records label and included early recordings from The Dents, Bitter Blood, The Customs, Dennis The Menace, Ed Davis Band, 11,000 Switches, Erector Set, BPA and several more bands, all “rescued and remastered” from cassette and (exceptionally rare) 45 releases. HoZac Records,