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Best Drinking Destination Makeover: Japp’s

Best Drinking Destination Makeover

Over-the-Rhine’s popular cocktail bar Japp’s got a facelift last October when owner Molly Wellmann partnered with local designer Susana Tolentino to revamp the space while holding on to its original 1800s charms. Renovations included removing the pergolas; refinishing the floors; opening the windows; installing new seating on the other side of the bar; painting and installing a new banquette; and adding a gas fireplace from local shop Bromwell’s. Complete with new furniture and décor, the drinking destination emerged as a brighter, more open space. Also new is a neon sign made by the American Sign Museum. Hung in a window, it reads, “Are you thirsty?” — Wellmann’s way of greeting bar patrons. Japp’s, 1136 Main St., Over-the-Rhine,