Best Of 2020

Best Hall and Oates Cocktail Tribute: Night Drop

Night Drop, the downstairs speakeasy-esque bar of East Walnut Hills’ Branch restaurant, gets creative with their novella-length drink menu. Seasonally, they like to theme their cocktails, and last summer Hall and Oates (yes, the acclaimed ’70s-’80s Pop/Soul band), garnered a section of the menu. Cocktails named after their hits, like 1977’s “Rich Girl” (curry, walnut, bourbon and mezcal), came with a poetic description of the music and the drink. At the end of last year, Night Drop introduced its latest theme: The John Hughes Profile, which includes drinks like Totally Shermer (named for the fictional Illinois town where Hughes based some of his classic teen films), a combination of Bitter Truth EXR Amaro, lemon and orange Fanta. These cocktails complement Night Drop and Branch’s financial-themed cocktails like the Accelerated Depreciation and Joint Account. Night Drop, 1535 Madison Road, East Walnut Hills,