Best Of 2020

Best Immersive Retro Layover Lounge
Photo: Hailey Bollinger

This past October, Tokyo Kitty transformed into a Pan Am Layover Lounge — a groovy fake escape inviting guests to visit the airline’s most popular destinations, including Tokyo, Hawaii, Mexico City, London and even the moon (yes, Pan Am pre-sold tickets to the moon). The sold-out pop-up let patrons book a 45-minute “trip” that evoked a nostalgic golden age of flight-style of service and Pan Am’s iconic branding. When you checked in at the front desk, you were led to a private VIP suite, redecorated to emulate the height of Midcentury luxury, with authentic Pan Am memorabilia, a replica boarding pass/ticket and reimagined retro travel posters. Guests were treated to a personal cocktail tasting, which included two drinks inspired by the ticket-holder’s chosen destination along with tasting notes and fun quirks like faux cigarettes and a safety demo from a decked-out flight attendant. For those who had to skip the trip but still wanted some cool Pan Am swag, a gift shop was open during the duration of the event selling limited-edition prints, baggage and other merch. And after the immediate success of the Cincy Pan Am experience, Gorilla Cinema Presents (the minds behind Tokyo Kitty, the Video Archive, La Ofrenda, Overlook Lodge and Lonely Pine Steakhouse) took the concept to Columbus, offering more dedicated space, room for 12 passengers per trip — tripling in size from the first run — and adding two exciting new flight options: Havana and the North Pole. Tokyo Kitty, 575 Race St., Downtown,

Music & Nightlife
Illustration: Taylor Speed

Veteran Cincinnati Hip Hop artist Santino Corleon (now going by just Santino) kicked off what is looking to be a helluva 2020 by signing a record deal and getting some prime national TV exposure. If you saw the commercials for Jeopardy! The Greatest of All Time — the game show’s prime-time tournament on ABC featuring its greatest champions — you got a little taste of Corleon’s talents. Santino’s song “GOAT” — a possible future “Jock Jam” classic — was featured in the promos for the show. The single was the first music released as part of Corleon’s new record deal, as he became one of the first signings to 83 Sound, the label founded by producer Cook Classics (whose work includes hits like Panic! At the Disco’s “High Hopes” and Ava Max’s “Sweet But Psycho”) and Platinum-selling Pop artist and songwriter Outasight. Santino,

Twenties, the descriptively named 1920s-themed cocktail bar that took over the former Myrtle’s Punch House spot in East Walnut Hills, is a jazzy sort of destination that plays on century-old cocktail culture with a drink menu featuring classic libations and updated takes — think an Old Fashioned made with mezcal or rum instead of your standard bourbon (but they have the bourbon version, too) — as well as local craft drafts, wine and spirits from Cincinnati distilleries. The generously sized bar features ample seating throughout the space as well as in the cozy catacomb-style cellar, which is more like a speakeasy with cool ambient lighting and less about skeletons. TVs play black-and-white films for some anachronistic flair, and they recently opened a billiards parlor inside. For a real deal, the bar offers $7 select drinks on Thursdays. If you’re looking for a spot to try out your new futuristic flapper look, this might be the place. Twenties, 2733 Woodburn Ave., East Walnut Hills,

If Rock legends KISS are going to roll around the country to graciously give fans one more chance to see them/give them money on their “farewell” (insert eye-roll emoji) tour, the band could have at least hired a merch director who knows how to spell the names of the cities they are visiting. When the group came to rock Riverbend one last time over the summer, they were selling the local version of their city-specific tour T-shirts, which were created to make fans feel like KISS cares so much about our town, they went and made an exclusive Cincinnati shirt. Or, rather, “Cincinnatti” shirt. The misspelled tees — photos of which quickly went viral on social media — were priced at $50 and are probably collector’s items of some sort, so hold onto yours if you bought one. Heck, maybe that was the game plan all along — if nothing else, KISS are pretty savvy when it comes to making money off of merchandizing. Maybe Jean Simons held back a few boxes for himself to sell on eBay as he gets further into his twilight years?

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